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We're a couple of New England-based gamers who enjoy designing and playing tabletop games. Please sign up for our mailing list, check out our social media links, and take a peek at our current projects. It's all down below!


PAX Unplugged!

We're excited to have been selected for the PAX Rising Showcase! We had a great time demoing Shapely on Dec. 2-4 in Philly. We're still exploring publication options -- if you're a publisher, please get in touch!

Shapely is a fun, family-weight game about making and guessing shapes. Winner of the Board Game Workshop's Design Contest and selected for PAX Unplugged's Rising Showcase

Take a trip with Picture Postcards, a cooperative game about matching travel destinations with one-word messages. Nominated for Boston Festival of Indie Games Best Game in Progress, and finalist for 2023 Board Game Workshop design contest!

Build your robots and fight your robots, until there's only one left standing. It's Battle Bots! Check back as we develop this game.  

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Questions or comments? Please drop us a line at maroongamedesign at gmail. We look forward to hearing from you!

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